Vaccinating your child before they are exposed to serious and life-threatening diseases is the best way to protect them.

Protect your Family

Vaccines protect children from serious and deadly diseases. Protection from some vaccinations wears off over time, so to be fully protected, children require booster shots. Vaccinating before exposure to serious and life-threatening diseases is the best form of protection. Children who are not protected by vaccines may be more likely to catch serious diseases. Talk to your healthcare provider to ensure your family is up to date on all vaccinations. Help your student learn more about vaccines by ensuring their art submission includes important facts.
*Other vaccines may be needed if a child is catching-up on missed vaccines.
**HPV vaccine can be given as early as age 9.

New Jersey’s school immunization rules require students to receive a series of immunizations to attend school. Schools are required to enforce requirements, maintain records, and submit annual reports to state and local health departments.

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